Finally, the guitar was in my hands…. Now your gonna see some serious….

You must know that feeling, when your meant for something, you know you are.

You’re meant to do it, but the world has put everything in your way, you have tried every possible way that is available to you.

But you keep getting knocked back again and again, no matter how hard you try.


This is the moment in my life that I learned the SECRET….

If you have not checked out the beginning of my learning the guitar for the first time story please check out the link below.

If you have thank you.

Now where was I……….That’s it the secret.

We get told loads and loads of advice during our lives, but there is two that have served me well so far, the first one is “Patience is a virtue”.

This one was told to me the most growing up as a kid, I would always be asking for one thing or another.

Can we go yet”, “when is dinner ready” etc. etc. Always wanting to hit the ground running, so learning that it is a good thing to know how to wait for things to happen, it really has helped me.

What is it they say……timing is everything.

The next piece of advice came to me in the most unlikely of areas which was when I first watched the 80s hit film Masters of the universe.

This film has got to be up there with the best of them, but the bit I am referring to is at the end of the film, when Skeletor turns to he-man just as he has finally got all the power in the universe and says “everything comes to he who waits”.

That is it, I know what I would have to do…….

I realized the full power of what these wise words did to me when I look back now.

But I was that kid who planted the apple seed and wanted to eat apples from the tree that afternoon!

But just like that apple seed that stayed dormant until it was time, the seed from Back to the future which made me want to play the guitar would remain dormant also.

That was not my time, besides I had teenage life in the way, then college quickly after that and very soon after that, I needed a car to get me out of the dead end town I grew up in.

That was when I met my wife and we moved to the next city and began our family, buying houses and doing them up, while raising children and working which wasn’t easy.

But watching them grow up and making me proud with everything they accomplish was and still is completely worth it.

As they got older, they started doing their own thing which left me with extra time.


And that’s when it happened…….

COVID 19 hit the world in January 2020 which forced people to change everything they do.

Where I worked everybody got moved onto different jobs and we would be working with people we never would normally, this is where things got interesting.

Sometimes things happen for a reason…

I was working away talking about old films with one of the new workers Chris.

We were talking about Back to the future and I said to him I have always wanted to play the guitar ever since watching it but never got the chance.

Chris turns to me a with stunned look on his face, “that’s the film that made me play the guitar back in the 80s” he said.

Chris hands me a piece of paper that he quickly wrote on and tells me he has an old Youtube channel with a few videos of him playing the guitar.

Later that day I checked it out and this is the video that finally kick started that back to the future guitar seed into growing.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, this guy can play...Really play..

For the first time ever I had met someone who can play the guitar, not just play a few bits I mean really play, and I was working with him everyday!

I began picking his brains immediately on the new world of guitars I had discovered, absorbing every bit of knowledge I could.

Chris could see I was serious about learning and did something that I never expected.


Here borrow one of mine…….

“Borrow one of mine”…… One!!.. How many had he got?

Taken by surprise with this kind offer, I couldn’t help the thought that flashed in my mind.

I have seen people tell others that they would doing something for them, but keep forgetting or it never pans out, as is the way of people these days.

It’s a shame facetious and flaky is at an all-time high.

So sadly I have learnt to expect people to let me down when the ask is high enough, I would rather people tell you straight.

Without wavering Chris said “I will bring it in tomorrow for you

This can’t be happening……

Could it be! all the years of waiting, would finally be over….. just like that.

I was expecting the guitar to be a cheap budget guitar which was logical.

Something that would be less to replace if the worse should happen, Chris would have used it as a beginner then upgraded to something better.

When Chris handed me the guitar it was nice black and white one with a 5w amp in a gig bag.

At this time I had no clue about guitars much, not even what the different brands were or what they represented quality wise.

As we were in the car park at work, now was not the time or the place to look at it.

“Just a bit of guitar etiquette when holding them” and how to hold them.

Before we both head home Chris said to me “just one more thing.

When holding a guitar, you must hold the body of the guitar with both hands one on top and one on the bottom when walking around, unless it is on the strap which is more secure.


Never ever hold the neck, as it bends the neck and weakens the neck joint.

With my guitar warnings and instructions given I headed home.

Was I dreaming did that really happen?

Finally, the guitar was in my hands…. Now your gonna see some serious….

You know what I mean…

Stay tuned for the next part of my Learning the guitar for the first time origin story……..

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2 responses to “Finally, the guitar was in my hands…. Now your gonna see some serious….”

  1. As a guy with a bit of a guitar problem, I have to stay tuned for the next installment.

    I loved the BTTF guitar scene and how it affected the future. A tidbit easily missed by some…

    A Charvel is generally a well respected instrument. Play it well, and tell your friend I said “good job!”

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